Mevisa Componentes
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Divergent Valves

Open channel valves that eliminate descending pressure. They are ideal for abrasive, granular, fine or pellet materials, for pressure systems as well as for vacuums. They are manufactured out of grey iron, nodular iron, stainless steel or aluminum with an inclination of 30° in the entrance and exit. They can be operated manually or with a pneumatic activator controlled by PLC.

Blowers + vacuum pumps

We construct Mevisa blowing equipment to take care of air flow needs, to create a vacuum and to pump gasses in industrial processes. When you install a blower developed by Mevisa in your factory, you can be sure that your product will have high quality and long duration, superior to similar equipment.

Rotating valves

Cast iron and stainless steel valves, as well as valves with a welded construction for light, normal and heavy service, that use gravity and differential pressure (up to 12 PSI). They use high capacity conical bearings except for those for light service and 3 phases with a redactor and chain drive transmission with a service factor for continuous operation.
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