Mevisa Componentes
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We are a Mexican company specialized in the manufacture of industrial parts and components. We were founded 15 years ago and we are proud to say that all of our customers have always been satisfied, which has allowed for us to undergo constant growth. At Mevisa we understand customer needs and we know that they are searching for efficiency in their businesses to allow them to save time and money. For that reason we incorporate all of our processes in one place. This, as well as our commitment to respond to the most rigorous demands, custom cutting, special welding and delivery times, has turned us into an ideal industrial supplier. The quality of our service and our competitive prices are fully recognized within national and international markets. At present we have customers in Mexico, the United States, Canada and Brazil.

To respond to customer needs and to surpass their expectations by creating and incorporating processes resulting in products with high added value; thus allowing our customers to effectively compete within the global market.

  • Responsibility.
    Our responsibility lies in delivering products that fulfill specific needs so that customers are confident that they will receive the desired parts on time and in the correct form.
  • Honesty.
    We believe that customer confidence is fundamental in order to work efficiently. Over time we have maintained that confidence thanks to the fact that we always communicate directly and truthfully.
  • Service.
    We offer pre-sale and post-sale services in close collaboration with our customers to guarantee total satisfaction.

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